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Finnish Army in 2020 - Readiness Sustained at Every Moment

The Finnish Army develops from a training organisation to readiness and training organisation.

The Finnish Army functions as the foundation of the territorial defence system of Finland. The Army’s mission is to prevent and to repel all military operations against Finland on land. Sustaining the national, regional and local defensive coverage as determined by the given mission and situation, Army prevents the seizing of land areas, provides inter-agency support in safeguarding society’s vital functions, and defeats an adversary attacking by land with the support of air and maritime defence.

By 2020, the capability of the Finnish Army builds up along the following two basic avenues of approach. First, the Army continues the reform began back in 2016 by focusing on developing its organization, personnel and procedures to increasingly serve in sustaining constant operational readiness. Second, the Army’s materiel spearhead capabilities are constructed in accordance with the valid development programme.

A graph with 7 points that consists of 14k conscripts, 4,6k personell and 166k reservists. Points are: Mobilisation, prepared. Troops equipped, with modern equipment. Maintenance of material, ensures utilisability. Troops trained and drilled, for the missions. Interoperability, with the Navy and Air Force and other authorities. Will to defend, remains high. Missions, planned. Open to enlarge.

The core of the Army’s readiness rests on round-the-year readiness detachments and readiness units which comprises of cadre and conscripts. During mobilization, operational forces consisting of cadre and reservists are formed to strengthen the pre-emptive reaction of defence. If necessary, the Rapid Response Forces (RRF) are used to repel and defeat an aggressor with manoeuvre operations and by centralizing joint effects in key targets under all circumstances. Regional forces are in turn utilized to form the depth and nation-wide coverage to land defence. Nation-wide territorial defence protects the targets jointly with inter-agency cooperation thereby preventing an aggressor’s unrestrained activity.

Local forces

  • Securing critical friendly functions, mobilizing troops, inter-agency operations
  • Mission-specific equipment
  • Nation-wide coverage

Operational forces

  • Demanding manoeuvre operations nation-wide
  • Well equipped
  • Used in main effort

Regional forces

  • Inflicting casualties for the adversary, holding key terrain
  • Mission-specific equipment
  • Key areas

Readiness units

  • On standby in constant readiness
  • Cadre and conscripts
  • Combat missions and inter-agency operations
  • Key capabilities
  • Nation-wide coverage