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Army Command

The Army Command (ARCOM) is located in the historic garrison area of Karkialampi and functions as the command headquarters of the Commander of the Finnish Army, Lieutenant General Pasi Välimäki. At the helm of the command is the Army Chief of Staff, Major General Jukka Jokinen. Brigadier General Sami-Antti Takamaa serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff Army Operations. Responsible for the command of national defence in normal conditions as well as in times of crisis, the Army Command employs altogether approximately 300 civilians and military personnel.

As a service headquarters, the Army Command steers conscript training in accordance with the set requirements for readiness and force production as well as is responsible for matters relating to the military service and conscription in the Finnish Defence Forces. The Army Command leads a majority of the military crisis management operations that the Finnish Defence Forces are involved in. The Army Command also coordinates the Finnish Army’s interoperability with the Finnish Navy, Finnish Air Force, Finnish Border Guard and other authorities.

The Army Command, moreover, leads the planning, implementation and life cycle management of the projects and significant defence procurement acquisitions that are part of the National Defence Development Programme.

The organisation of the Army Command comprises the Command Executive Office, Operations Division, Personnel Division, Intelligence Division, Logistics Division, Plans and Policy Division, as well as the C5 Division.

The Inspectors of Service Branches serving in the Army Command are as follows:

  • Inspector of Air Defence, Colonel Mano-Mikael Nokelainen
  • Inspector of Infantry, Colonel Ari Lehmuslehti
  • Inspector of Artillery, Colonel Mika Holma
  • Inspector of Engineering and CBRNe, Colonel Riku MIkkonen
  • Inspector of Signals, Colonel Antti Tunkkari
  • Inspector of Logistics, Colonel Vesa Happonen

Established in 2008 to command the most sizeable one of the three services, the Army Command carries on the contribution of its predecessor, the Army Staff at the Defence Staff. The anniversary of the Army Command is celebrated on 16 March with March of the Finnish Cavalry during the 30 Years’ War as its honorary march.