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Conscript training and cooperation with other authorities

The Armoured Brigade trains 2,600 conscripts and 3,000 reservists in two intakesconscripts each year. The brigade employs 650 people. In addition to conscript training, the Armoured Brigade is responsible for providing assistance to other authorities, national defence work and reservist training in its area of operation. It maintains military readiness within its area of responsibility

The Armoured Brigade's area of responsibility covers the following geographical areas in Finland: Tavastia Proper, Päijät-Häme, Central Finland and Pirkanmaa. Conscript affairs are taken care of in the regional offices of Lahti, Tampere and Jyväskylä. The brigade receives dozens of requests for assistance from the police and rescue authorities each year.

The Armoured Brigade is part of the surrounding community. An example of this is the Armoured Brigade's and Häme University of Applied Science's 2015 framework agreement whereby students who have completed military service can get credits for their time as conscripts.

As a branch, the mechanised infantry has prestigious traditions that the Armoured Brigade cherishes with pride. Black is our colour and our tankers - men and women - wear it with pride! In addition to a black beret, conscripts serving in the Armoured Brigade have Lagus's arrows on their sleeves.