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Karelia Brigade

Karelia Brigade is the readiness formation of its geographical area. It trains troops for the Finnish Defence Forces according to the requirements of the Army's land warfare doctrine 2015 as well as military experts in Explosive Ordnance Disposal. It is a major regional actor in co-operation between authorities, matters regarding conscripts and reservists and in cooperation with national defence organisations, such as associations and guilds. The organisational changes of the Defence Forces Reform 2015 have been implemented and the organisation is working effectively. The Brigade is a respected actor within the Defence Forces, among the authorities and citizens.

Karelia Brigade specialises in training mechanised units. It is also the only Brigade that trains units in all Army branches. The Brigade houses the Finnish Defence Forces Explosive Ordnance Disposal Centre of Excellence.

4,000 conscripts annually

Number of personnel: approximately 600

National Air Defence Exercise 1/21 in Lohtaja

Press release 3.5.2021 11.11

Marksmanship training in Karelia Brigade

Press release 3.7.2018 18.25

Air Defence Exercise 1/18 to begin in Lohtaja

Press release 9.5.2018 16.36

All-Terrain Vehicle or Quad Bike

Press release 10.11.2017 11.19

EOD Company is a desired service location

Press release 26.5.2017 11.40