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Military Service in Army Academy
The soldier is aiming with an assault rifle out of the potter.


The Army Academy trains conscripts as infantry, military police, drivers, medics and for various duties in logistics. Approximately one third of the conscripts receive leadership training in the Non-Commissioned Officer School or/and in the Reserve Officer Course.
The Army Academy's conscripts are trained in Hamina, in the Jaeger (Infantry) Company or Transport Company of the Reserve Officer School or in the Dragoon Squadron.
The Jaeger Company is located in the Hamina garrison, in the centre of town and the Transport Company is a couple of kilometres away, in the Pampyöli Barracks.  The Dragoon Squadron is still in Lappeenranta at the moment.

Two soldiers are advancing in the forest in a deep frostReserve Officer Students

The Army Academy's Reserve Officer School trains officer students in Hamina. The Reserve Officer School is often called Finland's largest leadership school. Yearly over 1400 officer students are trained in the Reserve Officer School.

Of the units of the Reserve Officer Course, the Spearhead Company and the Reconnaissance Company are housed in the recently remodelled Main Building of the Reserve Officer School. The Firing Battery is located across the street in the so called ''Hilton'', ie. the artillery barracks. The red brick building of the Engineer Company, known as Kapernaumi, and the red brick barracks of the Headquarters and Signal Company are located either side of the artillery barracks