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Saber Strike 18 in Estonia

The Finnish Army will take part in the international training exercise Saber Strike 18 that is led by the US European Command and will be organised in Tapa, Estonia, from 7 to 15 June 2018.

Organised in the Baltic region, the exercise Saber Strike 18 will be partaken by a Finnish detachment as part of the First Brigade of the Estonian Defence Forces in the Tapa training exercise area in Estonia.

The participating Finnish detachment will comprise a military engineer platoon from the Karelia Brigade and a bridge-constructing section from the Pori Brigade as well as Finnish Defence Forces’ personnel serving in staff officer duties. The strength of this exercise troop will be altogether about 35 persons.

The military engineer platoon participating in the exercise Saber Strike 18 will be honing skills in supporting the combat of a mechanised battalion while operating in an international operating environment. Furthermore, partaking in this exercise will facilitate developing overall competence proficiency while operating at staff and platoon levels as well as on the level of an individual soldier. Participating in this exercise enhances the international interoperability of the Finnish Army’s units and systems and supports sustaining national defence.

Participation in the exercise Saber Strike is included in the annual plan of the Finnish Army’s activities. As of the year 2012, Finland has been partaking in this exercise with versatile compositions in accordance with the policies established by Finnish Government resolutions.

Finnish conscripts instructing the professional soldiers of the Estonian Scout Battalion in, among other things, constructing a nuisance minefield and operating with a Leguan bridge

Partaking in the training exercise Saber Strike 18 will increase international interoperability and support national defence.

While supporting the combat of a mechanised unit, the combat engineers advance mobility by conducting clearance measures and constructing bridges.

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