For conscripts

The Guard Jaeger Regiment trains military police, urban jaegers and reconnaissance soldiers.

The Guard Battalion

The Guard Battalion produces military police companies for the wartime troops and drivers for the troops to be generated in the Guard Jaeger Regiment.

The Guard Battalion is a leading expert in the military police field. Military police companies are trained for work in the built up areas in and around the capital city. Most exercises are carried out in cooperation with different authorities. Cooperation with the Police, for example, is practised at least on a monthly basis. Training emphasises action and the controlled use of force when working amongst the civilian population in protecting targets and repelling special forces. It also emphasises the unique operating environment of the capital city, which includes among other things tunnel networks, subway stations and large building complexes.

The duties of the Army's Guard of Honour include military representation tasks of the Supreme Commander, Minister of Defence, Chief of Defence and the Helsinki Garrison, as well as responsibility for the guarding of targets, which includes the Honour Guard at the Presidential Palace.

The 1st and 2nd Military Police Company provide military police training and are, in turn, responsible for garrison guarding and representation tasks. Military police training includes training in the use of force, guarding of individual persons and combat in built-up areas. The service period for rank and file is 255 days.

Conscripts working as drivers of heavy vehicles and their leaders serve in the Transport Company. The service period for drivers is 347 days. Conscripts working in special assignments of the Defence Forces' public information, media and IT services serve in the Special Detail Platoon. Their service period is 255 days.

Uusimaa Jaeger Battalion

The Uusimaa Jaeger Battalion trains combat-efficient urban jaegers for different tasks in the Headquarters and Signal Company as well as in the Urban Jaeger Company. The training of urban jaegers focuses on offensive combat.

The 1st Jaeger Company trains urban jaegers for demanding battle missions in urban conditions.

The 2nd Jaeger Company is so called Readiness unit

The Headquarters and Signal Company's task is leading and intelligence of the Urban Jaeger Battalion. During the special capabilities and unit training phase, training focuses on management of signal and command and control systems. The Urban Jaeger Battalion's reconnaissance soldiers and their leaders are also trained in this unit.

All combatants receive training in combat in built-up areas, which is also the focus of training branch training. This training emphasises the skills needed by an individual combatant and leader in combat in a built-up area. Combat takes place within very short distances, which requires the ability to react very rapidly and flexibly. Due to the battlespace's limited visibility, the initiative and activity of individual combatants and section commanders is important. Combat in built-up areas also places great demands on the physical fitness of combatants.

The battalion is equipped with modern training materiel suitable for combat in a built-up area. Its vehicles include XA-185 armoured personnel carriers and different light and special vehicles. The most modern equipment of the intelligence and command and control systems field is also used in training.

Finnish Defence Forces Sports School

The Sports School's primary task is to train reconnaissance sections for needs during emergency conditions, and it also enables talented athletes to continue training during their military service.

The Sports School is a traditional part of the Finnish training system for top-level athletes. Day-to-day training is carried out in cooperation with the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Sports Academy and the Vuokatti-Ruka Sports Academy. The Sports School also cooperates with the Olympic Committee, sports leagues, clubs and personal trainers to find the best individual solutions.

The Reconnaissance Company is responsible for conscripts' military training with the exclusion of cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski orienteering, ski jumping, snow boarding and combination skiing athletes. These athletes carry out their service in the Kainuu Brigade. The period of service is 165 or 347 days.

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