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Specially trained conscripts are transferred to the reserve

Publication date 13.3.2023 8.00
Press release

On 15 March 2023, conscripts who have served in special duties will be mustered out on 15 March 2023, a total of 1346 persons, of whom 101 are women.

These are conscripts and women who have voluntarily applied for service, who have served in challenging crew assignments that require special skills. Of them mustering out, 823 have served in the Army, 388 in the Navy, 130 in the Air Force and five in the Border Guard's units.

15 percent of all conscripts are trained for specific tasks. Specially trained conscripts serve, for example, in the legal and ecclesiastical fields, as well as in the fields of communications, information technology, medicine and intelligence, as well as in military science research. The duration of service for the crew is 255 days, and for those who complete the leadership training 347 days.

In special assignments, conscripts are allowed to use their own civilian skills, deepen it and gain work experience and contacts for the future. The application process is open to all conscripts and the special skills are tested if necessary in entrance examinations or interviews. You can apply for the assignments at the start of the service or during the first weeks of service.

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