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2. Jaeger Company to exercise in Helsinki, Ruskeasuo on 3.11.2022

Guard Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 2.11.2022 14.16
Press release
Valmiusyksikön varusmiehiä harjoituksessa, molemmat tähtää aseella panssaroidun ajoneuvon vieressä.

Guard Jaeger Regiment's 2. Jaeger Company is exercising in Ruskeasuo on Thursday 3.11.2022 between 08:00 and 20:00. While exercising inside the building reserved for training purposes, the troops will utilise dummy drill ammunition.

The combat training exercise will involve conscript training units exercising their troops on training-branch-specific missions in built-up areas. The exercise is part of the Guard Jaeger Regiment’s yearly training plan.

The training units will be wearing a fighting load, including an assault rifle. The instructors will be wearing yellow high-visibility vests on their combat uniform. The strength of the training units will be around 75 consisting of conscripts and personnel.