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Arrow 23 fine-tuned combined operating with allies

Armoured Brigade
Publication date 11.5.2023 20.36
Press release

The Armoured Brigade -led Army mechanised exercise Arrow 23 will end on Sunday 14.5.2023.

Participating by units from the Armoured Brigade, Karelia Brigade, Kainuu Brigade, Jaeger Brigade, Army Academy, Utti Jaeger Regiment, as well as Defence Command -subordinated establishments, the exercise’s training audience has also included forces from the armed forces of the U.K., Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the U.S. 
The exercise that started on 1 May has comprised a mechanised forces’ FTX phase and an LFX phase.
- The exercise Arrow 23 has fine-tuned the competence of our mechanised forces composed of conscript force production troops for the closing battle drills awaiting in June. Our exercise’s demanding two-sided battles conducted and the high-quality feedback received have ensured continuing force development throughout the exercise. Arrow 23 marks for us the first Army exercise as a NATO member nation, and we got to exercise interoperable operating with the allies comprehensively as four ally companies and four detached platoons have been assigned to the fighting battalions in accordance with their striking ability and main equipment. The exercise Arrow has established itself on the allies’ exercise calendars, Exercise Director, Commander Armoured Brigade, Colonel Rainer Kuosmanen says.
Return traffic to Parolannummi and next exercises
The Armoured Brigade’s equipment and personnel attending the exercise Arrow 23 will return back to Parolannummi during Friday 12.5.2023. The detachments’ marching speed on highways will be 80–100 km/h. The marching detachments will be on the move mainly on the following routes:
On Friday 12.5. at 13:00–20:00
Niinisalo - KT261 - Ikaalinen -  E12 - Tampere -  E12 - Parolannummi
Niinisalo - KT44 - Kiikoinen - VT11 - Tampere - E12 - Parolannummi
Tanks from the Armoured Brigade that participated in Arrow 23 will be transported by rails from Niinisalo to Hattula on 12.5. The tanks will be transported by road from Merve, Hattula, to Parolannummi on 13.5. at 8:00–11:00, and be on the move on route Onnitie - Rannikontie - Merventie - Teollisuustie - Hattulantie - Parolannummentie 341. 
The Armoured Brigade will control traffic at the intersections of
- Teollisuustie and Merventie
- Hattulantie and Teollisuustie 
- Parolannummentie and Hattulantie (Armour Museum)
- Parolannummentie 341 (Parolannummi health track)
The above listed intersections will be closed off from other traffic at 8:00–11:00 periodically, which may result in occasional congestion while on the road.  
The Arrow 23 -participating U.S. Army forces will continue to the Karelia Brigade -led exercise Karelian Lock 23 that will be held in southeastern Finland during 26.5.–2.6.2023, and be on the move from Niinisalo to the Karelia Brigade on the road and by rails on the week 20. 
The Arrow 23 -participating British Army forces will continue to the Army Academy -led exercise Lightning Strike 23 that will be held in northern Finland at the Rovajärvi range and training exercise area during 15.–26.5.2023, and be on the move from Niinisalo to northern Finland on the road and by rails on the weekend 19. - 21.5.2023. 
The exercise’s social media posts will be available on the Army social media channels tagged with #arrow23.

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