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Guard Jaeger Regiment to exercise in capital area and Uusimaa region on 14.-18.11.2022

Guard Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 11.11.2022 13.52
Press release

Guard Jaeger Regiment is exercising with other authorities in capital area and Uusimaa region on 14.-18.11.2022. The exercise is part of the Guard Jaeger Regiment's yearly training plan.

The strength of the training units will be around 50 people. Other authorities who'll participate in the exercise are The Eastern Uusimaa Police Department and Border Guard. The training units will be wearing a fighting load, including an assault rifle. The instructors will be wearing yellow high-visibility vests on their combat uniform. Training units will be on the move by vehicles of the Finnish Defence Forces, Police and Border Guard.

Dummy ammunition will be used in some of the training areas that may cause noise in the surroundings. The training areas are restricted. The localities and times will be provided in noise information below.