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International training cooperation to continue at the Jaeger Brigade

Jaeger Brigade
Publication date 1.2.2023 11.39
Press release

In the region of Lapland, the Jaeger Brigade will arrange training in winter conditions for US troops from 6 February to 7 March 2023.

The training event will be participated by personnel from the Jaeger Brigade as well as light infantry and battalion headquarters’ elements form the US Army. The strength of the international training audience detachment will be up to 290 personnel.

The objective of joint exercising is to develop tactical interoperability with the US Army in the demanding conditions of Northern Finland. The specialists in arctic training from the Jaeger Brigade will instruct the participants in survival skills in winter conditions, combat techniques and sustainment of operating capability. 

In conjunction with the training event, the US training audience troops will participate in the Local Defence Exercise North 1/23 that to be held in the region of Lapland on 24.2. – 3.3.

Associated with the United States Armed Forces’ Arctic Forge 23 training exercise concept, the training event will be its only subsystem arranged in Finland. The training event is part of the Ministry of Defence approved Finnish Defence Forces’ training and exercise activity for 2023.