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The commander of the Norrbotten Regiment visited LIVEX METSO 16

Kainuu Brigade
Publication date 9.6.2016 8.22 | Published in English on 9.6.2016 at 8.23
Press release
Upseerit keskustelevat metsässä

The commander of the Swedish Norrbotten Regiment colonel Mikael Frisell visited LIVEX METSO 16 in Kainuu, Finland.

During his two day visit Colonel Frisell inspected his troops and familiarized himself with a Finnish artillery command post and jäger company`s combat against the yellow battalion. He was also introduced the simulator feedback of both combat parties.

Colonel Frisell met Brigadier General Vesa Virtanen and both Finnish Defence Forces and Army Commanders, General Jarmo Lindberg and Lieutenant General Seppo Toivonen.