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The Finnish Army

Nordic and Finnish Military Orienteering Championships 2018

Jaeger Brigade
17.9.2018 7.44
Press release

Altogether nearly 200 competitors will be attending. The competitors will include a number of top-level orienteerers, such as World Championship and European Championship gold medalist Marika Teini as well as Olli-Markku Teini who competes as part of the Finnish National Team in Orienteering for the eight year now, and the top-level orienteerers Timo Sild and Lauri Sild from Estonia, to name only a few.

The Jaeger Brigade will organise the Nordic and Finnish Military Orienteering Championships in Rovaniemi and in the Rovajärvi Firing Range Area and Military Training Area on 17-20 September 2018.

Apart from the Individual Competition, the competition programme will feature the Relay and the Fireteam Competition. The competitions will be arranged in the Competition Centre in Valajaskoski in the terrain that will be partly the same as in the Finnish Relay Championships that are scheduled for 15 September 2018.

The Nordic Military Orienteering Championships will be partaken by Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.

The opening ceremony complemented by the oath and affirmation taking will take place in the Competition Centre in Valajaskoski on Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 11:30.

The Individual Competition for the Finnish and Nordic Championships will take place in the area of Valajaskoski on Tuesday 18 September starting at 12:00. The Relay Competition for the Nordic Championship will take place on Wednesday 19 September starting at 09:00. The Fireteam Competition for the Finnish Championship will have its Night Section beginning on Wednesday 19 September at 22:00 and its Day Section on Thursday 20 September at 08:00 in Sarriojärvi of the Rovajärvi firing range area.

The Nordic Championships are scheduled to close on Wednesday 19 September at circa 10:30 with the awards ceremony in the Competition Centre in Valajaskoski.

The Finnish Championships will close with the awards ceremony for the Fireteam Competition on Thursday 20 September in Sarriojärvi.


You may follow the competitions online:

In the social media #sotSMsuunnistus2018 #ONMOC2018

On the competitions’ online site available at <>

In real time at

The start list of the Individual Competition carries information of the contestants with equipped with GPS tracking devices.

All Fireteams will be equipped with GPS tracking devices: in the Fireteam Competition’s Night Section, the Fireteam Leader and Second-in-Command, and in the Day section, all section members.