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Utti Jaeger Regiment’s international exercise and training activity continues

Utti Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 29.7.2022 13.36
Press release

Bilateral special operations forces training activity with the USA will continue in Utti Jaeger Regiment on 31 July 2022.

The objective of the exercise is to develop the capability of Finnish special operations forces and to improve the ability for joint operating with international partners. 

Activity relating to the SOF training exercise will be conducted in Southern and Northern Finland. 

The exercise will be participated by service personnel from the Finnish Defence Forces and US special operations forces, altogether c. 100 troops in total. The number of international training audience units will be up to 40 personnel.

The helicopter air activity and the use of training ammunition and small explosives may cause short-term noise impact near the training sites.

Ending in late August, the exercise is part of Army complementary international training and exercise activity for summer 2022