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Conscripts showcased their extensive competence
Field training exercise Siil 2018 ending

Pori Brigade
Publication date 14.5.2018 11.37
Press release

The main training exercise in Estonia this year, the exercise Siil 2018 will be ending. Of the 250-person-strong Finnish detachment, parts returned to Finland on Sunday 13 May and the rest will return on Tuesday 15 May.

Primarily comprising conscripts from the Finnish Rapid Deployment Force (Pori Brigade), this Finnish detachment formed a CSS Company and a Combat Engineer Company that operated in the area of southern Estonia.

The Combat Engineer Coy conscripts advanced the mobility of other exercise troops by measures that involved, among others, conducting clearance and utilising a bridge-laying vehicle, and also implemented counter-mobility measures by means of minefields. The logistics company provided combat service support to troops by demonstrating surgery-quality emergency medicine competence, and providing food and fuel supplies as well as maintenance services.

- The conscripts operating as part of these two units demonstrated their competence proficiency extensively. These troops mustering out in June convinced evaluators of their extremely professional operating and motivated mission completing, the Finnish detachment’s senior national officer, Lieutenant Colonel Tero Savonen explains.