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"Fresh Bonfire Back" - execute counter attack to Naarmankaira

Jaeger BrigadeKainuu Brigade
Publication date 31.5.2024 11.59
News item
Suomalainen ja amerikkalainen sotilas tutkivat karttaa ajoneuvon konepellin päällä kesäisessä metsämaastossa.
Taistelujen viimeisiä silauksia suunnitellaan maastokonttorilla kartta ajoneuvon konepellillä.

The BLUEFOR side in the exercise Northern Forest 24 consists of Finnish and American troops. The BLUEFOR troops and their command have been developing their interoperability in live-fire and combat exercises.

BLUEFOR has transitioned from delay and defensive combat to a counterattack. The counterattack aims to defeat REDFOR's Task Force Arctic Storm in Naarmankaira. The mission was ordered to the troops with the command: "Fresh Bonfire Back," which is a play on words for the place Tuore Kokkoselkä.

American Aviation Task Force helicopters have supported the troops with reconnaissance missions, troop transfers, and supply transports. 

Amerikkalaiset helikopterit maahanlaskutehtävällä.

The cooperation has been excellent.

During the three-week exercise period, conditions have varied significantly. In the early stages, there was snow on the ground up to the knee, while in recent days the troops have experienced the best of the Finnish summer. This has taught the troops to maintain their operational capability in varying conditions.

Amerikkalainen tulenjohtue johtaa tulta tykistön ampumaharjoituksessa.

In the exercise, interoperability between Finnish and American troops has been achieved in terms of fires, logistics, and command and control systems, as well as operational methods. Additionally, friendships have been formed at all levels, from generals to jaegers.

This sets a good foundation for continuing to develop the cooperation among allies in future exercises.

Suomalaiset varusmiehet keskustelevat amerikkalaisen sotilaan kanssa.