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Field training exercise Karelian Lock 23 will measure troops’ competence and performance

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Publication date 15.5.2023 14.10
Press release
Metsäisellä hiekkatiellä ajaa edessä panssarivaunu ja takana ajaa kolme moottoripyörää

The exercise has a goal of developing leadership capabilities, joint operations, and international interoperability.

The Army’s regional field training exercise Karelian Lock 23 will be held in the areas of Kouvola, Luumäki and Hamina from 26 May to 2 June 2023.  The exercise will be commanded by the Commander of Karelia Brigade, Brigadier General Jyri Raitasalo.

Units from Karelia Brigade, the Army Academy, Pori Brigade, Armoured Brigade, the 1st Logistics Regiment, the Finnish Defence Forces C5 Agency, Karelia Air Command and North Karelia Border Guard will participate in the exercise.  International troops from the United States Army will take part in the exercise.

The total strength of the exercise will be ca. 7000 troops and 720 vehicles.  In addition to salaried personnel, the exercise will also be participated by conscripts and reservists.  The strength of the international troops in the exercise will be about 450 personnel.

The aim of the exercise is to develop leadership capabilities and joint operations. One of the central themes of exercise Karelian Lock 23 is coastal defence, and the exercise will be conducted with the Navy exercise Atrain 23.  The exercise is aimed at developing the Army’s ability to defend South-Eastern Finland in cooperation with Allies.  The goal of the international activities is to build and develop interoperability for the needs of national defence and the Alliance.  Exercise Karelian Lock 23 is a continuation for Exercise Arrow 23 held earlier in May.  The U.S. Army troops will move to Karelia Brigade from Niinisalo between 16–21 May.

- The participation of the U.S. Army troops is a good addition to the exercise.  We will have an opportunity to continue developing joint operations and interoperability in the conditions of South-Eastern Finland. For many conscripts participation in exercise Karelian Lock 23 is the final exercise of their military training, and it is great that they get to test their skills with Allied troops.   Planning for the exercise has been going on for a while, and now we are advancing to the execution phase, says the Commander of the Exercise, Brigadier General Jyri Raitasalo.

Training audience troops will be operating everywhere in the areas of Kouvola, Luumäki and Hamina.  Drill ammunition causing noise will be used in the exercise.  The exercise will involve flight activity day and night.  The troops will be concentrated to the operating area during 26-28 May, and the field training exercise will be conducted on 29 May–1 June in two main combat areas.  The main combat areas are:

  1. The area between Pahkajärvi and Selänpää, and
  2. The area between Inkerilä, Kannuskoski and Saaramaa.

Units from Pori Brigade will be assembling in the Hyvinkää area between 27–28 May. This will be part of the exercise marshalling marches.

The Army’s regional field training exercise Karelian Lock 23 is included in the Army’s Action Plan. During the spring, the exercising of the international troops has been aligned on the Army’s annual plan and the brigade-level units’ training rhythm in various exercises. 
Read more about the exercise activities in the spring:

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Twitter: @maavoimat ja @KarjalanPR 

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For more information about the exercise, please contact:

Exercise Public Affairs Officer, Jaana Kuusisto, tel. +358 (0) 299 432 784
Officer in charge of the preparation of the exercise, Lieutenant Colonel Timo Martikainen, tel. +358 (0)299 800 (switchboard)

Marshalling marches

The main part of the exercise troops will be moving to the exercise area from Säkylä, Niinisalo, Hamina and Parolannummi between 26–28 May.  Marshalling marches will take place on roads 3, 6 10, 12 and 15.

Other road users are requested to note that the Defence Forces’ marching detachments will be moving more slowly than other traffic.  The training troops will be returning to their home garrisons mainly on 2 June 2023 using the same routes.

The U.S. Army troops will be moving on the road and by train from the Arrow 23 exercise in Niinisalo to Karelia Brigade between 16–21 May.

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