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Hammer 23 to enhance the capabilites of mechanized troops in Niinisalo

Armoured BrigadeArmy
Publication date 19.10.2023 13.09
Press release
Kuvassa rynnäkköpanssarivaunu metsässä.

The Army mechanized exercise Hammer 23 will be organized at the Pohjankangas shooting and training area in Niinisalo from 27 October to 7 November 2023. The exercise enhances the rapid execution capability of the battle group and battalion, cooperation between the branches, provision of host nation support as well as cooperation with Allies. Approximately 2600 soldiers, over half of them reservists, will participate in the exercise led by the Armoured Brigade.

Units from the Armoured Brigade, Karelia Brigade, Pori Brigade, Guard Jaeger Regiment, Utti Jaeger Regiment and the Army Academy will take part in the exercise. The Defence Forces Logistics Command, FDF C5 Agency and the Air Force will also be involved. An Allied force consisting of some 50 soldiers from the UK will participate in the exercise.  

The exercise will be commanded by the Commander of the Armoured Brigade, Colonel Rainer Kuosmanen.

- A demanding bilateral combat exercise is an excellent means of developing our troops’ capability. Exercise Hammer 23 will provide all the participating units with a versatile operating environment and an extensive coverage of battlefield elements. In order to enable the fighting battalions to succeed in their operations, cooperation between the different branches must be made to work seamlessly. As for the circumstances, too, the autumn-time Pohjankangas will once again challenge the training troops; it will be dark for long enough to enable the testing of the troops’ night combat capability. After this exercise, our mechanized troops reservists will once again have achieved an increased level of know-how, Colonel Kuosmanen says.

The troops will be moving to the exercise from Parolannummi, Vekaranjärvi, Utti and Helsinki between 27 - 28 October. The majority of the troops will depart from the exercise on 3 November. Some 480 vehicles will be involved, and the exercise will include flight operations.

The Army organizes a mechanized exercise twice a year. The previous exercise, Arrow 23, was held in Niinisalo in May this year.