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International Winter Training Exercise in Northern Finland

Utti Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 26.2.2021 16.10
Press release

Utti Jaeger Regiment organises a bilateral training exercise together with United States Special Operations Forces in Northern Finland on 8 – 17 March 2021.

The exercise will be organised 8 – 17 March in the Lapland Region. The exercise detachments will be moving in the terrain by foot, on skis, by snow vehicles and helicopters.  The units will use blank training ammunition and bivouacking in the field in small teams. 

Only regular personnel from the Finnish Defence Forces will be participating in the exercise. The overall strength of the exercise is approximately 100 persons, with international participants numbering fewer than 20.  

The foreign participants have been in quarantine for 14 days in their country of departure prior to arrival, and have a negative COVID-19 test result with them upon arrival to Finland. During travel they have followed the safety precautions determined by the authorities. 

The international participants will form their own unit in the exercise. The health of the troops on exercise is safeguarded by maintaining proper distancing during the exercise, by using masks indoors, and by following general hygiene guidelines. 

The objectives of the exercise are to develop the interoperability and standard operating procedures of the Finnish Special Operations Forces.

The training exercise has been approved as part of the Finnish Defence Forces international exercise plan for 2021.