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Traffic arrangement control relating to the National Parade on the Finnish Independence Day in Mikkeli

Army 27.11.2018 10.39
Press release

The National Parade on the Finnish Independence Day will contribute to changes affecting traffic control, parking and public transportation in Mikkeli from 5 to 6 December 2018. During the parade events, those looking to attend are requested to move on foot or by public transportation in the area of the town centre.

The preparations for the parade arrangements will begin downtown Mikkeli on Wednesday 5 December, and the main part of the parade troops’ equipment will arrive in Karkialampi and Tusku in Mikkeli on this day as well.

The most significant changes affecting the traffic situation and parking available will become discernible downtown Mikkeli, on Maaherrankatu and Porrassalmenkatu, and in the surroundings of the sports park.

The parade troops will be departing from Mikkeli during the afternoon and evening of 6 December. The return transfers from the garrisons to Mikkeli will be routed on the main roads 5, 15 and 13.

Parking restrictions in Mikkeli

Parking restrictions issued by the Town of Mikkeli will be effective from the evening of 5 December until the afternoon of 6 December on the streets as listed in the following:

  1. On Lönnrotinkatu, between Savilahdenkatu - Polttimonkatu
  2. On Hanhikankaankatu
  3. On Kalevankatu
  4. On Rouhialankatu, between Kovalantie - Maaherrankatu
  5. On Maaherrankatu
  6. On Vuorikatu and Savilahdenkatu, between Porrassalmenkatu - Maaherrankatu
  7. On Porrassalmenkatu, between Vilhonkatu - Vuorikatu
  8. On Mikonkatu, between Savilahdenkatu - Administrative building parking lot
  9. On Anni Swaninkatu
  10. On Suur-Savonkatu, between Anni Swaninkatu - Väinölänkatu
  11. On Nuijamiestenkatu, between Snellmanninkatu - Kasarmikatu
  12. On Väinölänkatu, between Nuijamiestenkatu - Suur-Savonkatu.

The areas solely reserved for VIP parking include the yard of the concert and congress venue Mikaeli as well as the parking lot of the AVI Eastern Finland.

Any vehicles parked in zones with parking restrictions will be towed unless the vehicle driver is present in the vehicle’s immediate vicinity.

Parade training and equipment transfers on 5 December

In the morning of 5 December, parade equipment will be transferred to the areas of Tusku and Karkialampi in Mikkeli. These motorised marching detachments may cause temporary traffic congestion on the main roads 5, 15, and 13.

In the area of Mikkeli, the arriving motorised marching detachments may slow down the traffic in the intersection between Road 13 and Lentokentäntie as well as in the intersection of Karkialampi.

Between 13:00 - 15:00 on 5 December in Tusku, the parade preparations of the motorised detachment will take place on Sorvarinkatu - Vuolingonkatu - Insinöörinkatu - Lentokentäntie. The military police will be directing the traffic on the marching route. Temporary discomfort affecting the overall traffic situation will be expected on this route.

Traffic arrangements on 6 December

In conjunction with the parade on 6 December, overall traffic will be controlled both by the police and the military police. The traffic and security arrangements relating to the parade will bring about changes affecting the public transportation routes in the town centre that will be redirected to advance downtown on Mannerheimintie.

Based on the parade troops’ transfers, vehicular traffic will be restricted as follows:

  1. At 7:30 - 8:00 on Karkialampi - Road 13 - Otavankatu - Raatihuoneenkatu.
  2. At 10:15 - 10:45 on Karkialampi - Road 13 - Otavankatu - Sammonkatu - Nuijamiestenkatu - Anni Swaninkatu.
  3. At 11:30 - 12:00 on Vuolingonkatu - Savilahdenkatu - Lönnrotinkatu - Hanhikankaankatu - Kalevankatu - Kovalantie - Rouhialankatu - Maaherrankatu.

From 10:15, no traffic will be allowed on Anni Swaninkatu and Suur-Savon katu between Väinölänkatu - Anni Swaninkatu until when the parade troops have left the area.

At 11:20-12:00, no vehicular traffic will be allowed on Otavankatu and Raatihuoneenkatu between Puistokatu - Tori while the troops advance for the review at the town square.

At 07:30 - 15:00, no vehicular traffic will be allowed on Maaherrankatu and Porrassalmenkatu between Vilhonkatu - Vuorikatu during the parade.

From 12:00, the point unit of the motorised detachment preparing for the parade will be on Maaherrankatu at the phase line of Pirttiniemenkatu with the final marching units at the distance of Rouhialankatu. On these streets, no vehicular traffic will be allowed in the direction of the town centre. However, transverse crossing the streets as well as traffic away from downtown will be allowed.

After the review of troops at the town square, the detachments will be preparing for the pass-in-review and be on the move on

  1. Tori - Porrassalmenkatu - Pirttiniemenkatu - Maaherrankatu.
  2. Tori - Maaherrankatu - Vilhonkatu - Nuijamiestenkatu - Anni Swaninkatu.

During the pass-in-review, the detachments marching on foot will be on the move on Maaherrankatu - Vilhonkatu - Nuijamiestenkatu - Anni Swaninkatu.

During the transfers, no vehicular traffic will be allowed on the marching route.

The motorised detachments will be on the move on Maaherrankatu - Päiviönkatu - Lappeenrannantie - Road 5 - Road 13 - Lentokentäntie - Sorvarinkatu.

During the pass-in-review at 12:30 - 13:30, no vehicular traffic will be allowed on the pass-in-review route. Starting on Päiviönkatu, vehicular traffic control will be imposed by directing traffic on the transfer route of the marching detachment. After the pass-in-review, traffic control and restrictions will be lifted sequenced on the marching route.

Additional information on traffic arrangements:

Chief Traffic Officer

First Lieutenant Sami Terho, South Savonia Regional Office, tel. + 358 299 436 353.

Chief Security Officer

Captain Vesa Pellinen, South Savonia Regional Office, tel. +358 299 436 352.

Additional information on the parade: