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Guard Jaeger Regiment trains in Sweden

Guard Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 10.11.2016 15.20
Press release

The Guard Jaeger Regiment organises an Urban Area Field Training Exercise from 14 to 25 November 2016 in Kvarn, Sweden.

Exercise KVARN16 will take place at the Combat Training Centre for Military Operations on Urban Terrain (CTC MOUT) of the Swedish Army. The strength of the Finnish contingent participating in the exercise is approximately 70 persons, of which the majority is Military Police reservists trained by the Guard Jaeger Regiment. A detachment of the Swedish Life Guards Regiment will also participate in the exercise. The exercise is hosted by the Swedish Land Warfare Centre (Markstridsskolan).

The exercise provides the Guard Jaeger Regiment with an opportunity to utilize the versatile urban training facilities of the Swedish Army. It is the first Finnish led exercise in Sweden carried out as part of the bilateral cooperation between the Finnish and Swedish Armies.

The exercise consists of two phases. From 14 to 21 November the Military Police unit consisting of reservist and Guard Jaeger Regiment’s personnel will train independently at the Combat Training Centre. From 22 to 23 November the Guard Jaeger Regiment’s training unit will execute tasks in cooperation with the mechanised unit of the Life Guards Regiment. The strength of the latter phase is approximately 130 soldiers.

The aim of the exercise is to enhance the operational capabilities and interoperability in military operations on urban terrain and train establishing and deploying units to international exercises and operations. The Finnish Ministry of Defence has approved the exercise as part of the Finnish Army's international exercise activities for 2016.