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Kainuu Brigade hosts US troops’ Northern Belt 23 exercise activities in Kajaani and Vuosanka

Kainuu Brigade
Publication date 22.5.2023 12.46
Press release

Kainuu Brigade hosts US troops’ exercises in Kajaani and Vuosanka from 2 June to 19 June 2023, as a part of the Finnish Army’s training exercise entity.

A unit of 160 soldiers from the US 10th Mountain Division will participate in the exercise Northern Belt 23, and a detachment of 180 persons from Kainuu Brigade consisting of personnel and conscripts.

The objective is to familiarize Kainuu Brigade’s personnel with executing the training of an allied country, develop the ability to execute joint training events and practise providing host unit support, as well as improve the personnel’s and conscripts’ language skills.

- International operations support the personnel’s and conscripts’ competence on both individual and force level, as well as strengthen national defence. Conscript training produces internationally acknowledged competence and interoperability, which is evaluated in the annual exercise activity – now for the first time with allied forces in Kainuu, Director of the exercise, Lieutenant Colonel Arto Hirvelä says. 

The US Division will arrive to Kajaani from Rovajärvi, where it will participate in the Army Academy directed exercises Lightning Strike 23 and Northern Forest 23.

More information of the Finnish Army`s internation exercises during spring 2023: Army training and exercise activity this spring will develop capability for international interoperable operating