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The Finnish Army

Finnish Army will participate in the main exercise Kevadtorm 19 organised in Estonia

Army 16.4.2019 12.37
Press release

The Finnish Army will participate in the exercise Kevadtorm / Spring Storm 19 organised in Estonia from 29 April to 12 May 2019. Comprising conscripts and service personnel, the total strength of the Finnish exercise detachment will be altogether 41 troops led by the Pori Brigade.

An annual main exercise of the Estonian Defence Forces, the exercise Kevadtorm 19 will be organised in Northeastern Estonia in the garrison areas of Jõhvi and Tapa, as well as on civilian owned property from 29 April to 17 May 2019. In total, this exercise will be participated by approximately 9,300 troops from 16 countries.

From 29 April to 12 May 2019, a Finnish exercise detachment comprising conscripts and service personnel from the Pori Brigade, the Kainuu Brigade, and the Karelia Brigade will participate in the exercise. During this exercise, a combat engineer platoon composed of Finnish conscripts will operate as part of the Estonian Defence Forces’ 2nd Brigade. In addition, the Finnish contingents’ service personnel will be placed in a number of staff positions.

The training objective of this two-week exercise period will involve developing and testing the capabilities of a combat engineer battalion while conducting combined missions. Furthermore, participation in the exercise Kevadtorm 19 will advance the personnel’s competence proficiency relating to planning and implementing the providing of international assistance.

Participation in this exercise is part of the Finnish Army’s international activities in accordance with the Finnish Defence Forces’ annual plan.