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Finnish Army’s mechanised exercise, Exercise Arrow 17, begins in Niinisalo

Publication date 24.4.2017 13.21
Press release

Exercise Arrow 17, led by the Finnish Army’s Armoured Brigade, will take place in Pohjankangas, Niinisalo, Finland, from 2 to 13 May 2017. The objective of the exercise is to enhance interoperability and capability of mechanized units in offensive combat.

Involving active duty personnel and conscripts from the Armoured Brigade, Pori Brigade, Karelia Brigade, Uusimaa Brigade, Jaeger Brigade and Utti Jaeger Regiment as well as the Army Academy, the Finnish Army’s mechanised exercise operates with the total strength of approximately 2200 persons.  The exercise will be led by Colonel Pekka Järvi, Commander of the Armoured Brigade.

Among the exercise equipment there will be around 130 armoured vehicles and 300 other vehicles. Furthermore, helicopter activity will take place in the exercise area. The live exercise phase involves the Finnish Air Forces flying exercise fighter missions. The live fires exercise phase will be followed by an artillery firing exercise, Nuoli 17, led by the Pori Brigade in Niinisalo until 20 May 2017.

The exercise brings to Finland a reinforced US Army Europe infantry company of approximately 125 soldiers equipped with armoured Stryker personnel carrier vehicles as well as a Norwegian Brigade North mechanized platoon of approximately 50 soldiers equipped with CV90 infantry fighting vehicles. In addition, the exercise will include an instruction session on armour tactics with participants from Sweden, Denmark, and Estonia.

An annual national exercise complying with the Finnish Army’s Action Plan, the Finnish Army’s mechanised exercise has been open to other international partner nations’ exercise detachments since 2014. The Finnish Ministry of Defence has approved the annual exercise Arrow 17 as part of the Finnish Army’s International Exercise Activities for 2017.

The exercise troops will be transported to Kankaanpää and Niinisalo in phases on 2 May 2017. The number of vehicles in the marching detachments will vary from 15 to 50 vehicles advancing with a speed of 50-80 km/h. Tracked vehicles are transported by train and on platforms. This means that the overall traffic situation may involve longer trip times and occasional congestion.

You can follow the exercise online: #ARROW17 #maavoimat @maavoimat