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National parade on the Independence Day will affect traffic in Hamina on 4.–6.12.

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Publication date 21.11.2022 14.30
Press release
Kuvassa panssarivaunu Haminassa, taustalla Suomen lippu

The national parade on the Independence Day will contribute to changes affecting traffic and parking in Hamina on 6 December 2022. To avoid traffic congestion, the public is asked to move on foot in the downtown area for the duration of the parade events.

The parade arrangements will start downtown Hamina on Sunday 4.12. The main part of the parade troops, vehicles and equipment will arrive in Hamina on Monday 5.12. during the course of the morning to depart from Hamina on Tuesday 6.12. after the event.

The most notable changes concerning overall traffic and parking arrangements will be on Rauhankatu, Annankatu, Kadettikoulunkatu, Maariankatu, Sibeliuskatu and Kekkosenkatu.

For sustained public safety and that of the parade troops and for event arrangements, streets will be closed off from vehicle traffic in the event areas, and parking bans will be applied on affected streets and the event areas. The traffic restrictions will be terminated as promptly as possible following the event. 

Parking and traffic restrictions in Hamina on 4.–6.12.

Parking and traffic will be restricted in Hamina in the areas of Linnoitus and Alakaupunki from 4.12. at 06:00 to 6.12. at 16:00. The restrictions will apply on Annankatu, Kadettikoulunkatu, Maariankatu and Sibeliuskatu. 

Annankatu, Kadettikoulunkatu, Maariankatu and Sibeliuskatu will be closed off from traffic on the pass in review route on 6.12. at 10:00 – 15:00.

After the pass in review, the motorised detachments will be led from the downtown area on Merikatu to Sibeliuskatu to Kekkosenkatu to Vaalimaantie in the direction of Lelu.

Traffic arrangements relating to training on 5.12.

The review of troops and pass in review will be drilled on Monday 5.12. at 12-16 in the areas of sports field, Rantakatu, Vepanpolku and Viipurinkatu with traffic restrictions in these areas at 13:30 – 15:30. 

Traffic arrangements relating to review of troops and pass in review on 6.12.

The public is welcome to follow the review of troops on Hamina sports field from the directions of Rauhankatu, Roopertinkatu, Villenkatu and Urheilijankatu. Pedestrians are asked to use the pavements.

After the review of troops, the dismounted detachments will advance from Hamina sports field to the pass in review start line on route Rauhankatu – Kirkkojärvenkatu – Kari Lindbergin katu – Rantakatu – Kaalipellonkatu – Koulukatu. The vehicles participating in the pass in review will move on to Annakatu by 6.12.2022 at 12:45 on route Vaalimaantie – Kekkosenkatu – Annankatu sekä Gygnaeuksentie – Savonkatu – Viipurinkatu – Kekkosenkatu.

The Southeastern Finland Police Department and Military Police will control traffic on the pass in review route on 6.12.2022.

The pass in review will start at 13:15 at the crossing of Kadettikoulunkatu and Erottajankatu. The pass in review will advance from Kadettikoulunkatu to Maariankatu. The review site of the pass in review will be on Kadettikoulunkatu by the Reserve Officer School Main Building.

The pass in review will affect the usability of pedestrian crossings on Annankatu, Kadettikoulunkatu, at Raatihuoneen tori square, on Maariankatu and Sibeliuskatu. To ensure sustained pedestrian safety, crossing any closed off streets or movement thereon will be strictly forbidden during the pass in review. The public is asked to consider that the dismounted pass in review detachment will be followed by the motorised detachment.

The Military Police and Police will guide traffic in the area in key street crossing points. 

The areas with traffic restrictions on 6 December.

The pass in review will end for the dismounted detachment at the Hamina garrison. The troops will leave from Sibeliuskatu to the garrison area via the garrison rear gate. Part of the parade troops will leave for the garrison from Isoympyräkatu. The motorised parade troops will be led from downtown Hamina east in the direction of Lelu on route: Merikatu, Sibeliuskatu, Kekkosenkatu, Vaalimaantie. Part of the motorised detachment will move from Kekkosenkatu to Alakaupunki on route: Viipurinkatu – Savonkatu - Cygnaeuksentie. 

The equipment and activity field display at the square of the Finnish Flag will be disassembled on 6.12. after 16:00.

The return marches to home garrisons will be on Main Route VT7 west in the direction of Porvoo to Hattula and Säkylä, and on Main Route VT15 north to Vekaranjärvi.


The event will be free of charge, and we welcome the public to follow the day’s events. We also ask to follow the instructions and recommendations relating to health security of the regional heath authority concerning public events and health secure practice appropriate to the situation. 

The public is reminded that the parade area is a no-flight zone and that drone activity is strictly forbidden for sustained event safety.

For additional information on the programme for the day, please see:

The parade can be followed also online on the Finnish Defence Forces’ channels:

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