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The Guard Jaeger Regiment to exercise in Helsinki on 6.-7.4.2022

Guard Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 4.4.2022 17.04
Press release

The Guard Jaeger Regiment’s 2nd Military Police Company will undertake training in an exercise organised in the area of Vuosaari, Helsinki from 6 to 7 April 2022. Blank bullets will be used inside the exercise building. More information in noise notification below.

The combat exercise will have conscripts to be trained for military police duty exercise operating in a military police section. The combatants learn to apply operating procedures, for instance, in case of a suddenly breaking situation involving use of force. Section leaders get practice in leading their own section while engaging in combat in built-up areas.

The exercising will involve altogether 70 people (conscripts and service personnel). The training units will be wearing a fighting load, including an assault rifle. The instructors will be wearing yellow high-visibility vests on their combat uniform.