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Thoughts on refresher training by LIST22 reservist

Army Academy
Publication date 19.5.2022 14.08 | Published in English on 22.5.2022 at 13.47
Press release
Sotilaita maastossa teltan edessä aseiden kera rivissä. Iloisin mielin!

Lieutenant (Res.) Mikko Kiuttu (the third from the right) participated in LIST22 at Rovajärvi.

Reserve Lieutenant Mikko Kiuttu participated in refresher training together with the troops of the 3. Logistics Regiment and exercised together with other reservists a variety of tasks including receiving and escorting exercise equipment and training audience personnel to the military exercise area.

Exercise equipment loading in-progress for transport by train in Lappeenranta, Southern-Eastern Finland.

The exercise equipment arrived at Rovajärvi, Northern Finland, mainly by train, and will leave the exercise grounds by train as well. Loading, receiving, off-loading and directing the exercise equipment as expected requires competent personnel. 

Exercise equipment loading in-progress for transport by train in Lappeenranta, Southern-Eastern Finland.

-    It is always a joy to receive an order to attend a refresher exercise. To me, this is all positive. This is about appreciating our homeland and being able to undertake training in its defence.

-    Refresher training exercise drills also offer variety, and we have this great team team spirit here. I get to see my mates. We structure through humour and spend a week in tent accommodation in the field. There’s something in this that makes us all operate as a team, Lieutenant (Res.) Kiuttu explains.

Lieutenant (Res.) Kiuttu receiving exercise equipment at Rovajärvi, Northern Finland.

While in LIST22, the reservists get to upgrade their competence and skills. 

-    This was a good drill. We got to train being on a mission, and all tasks became clearer. Now we all wait for the next refresher training exercises coming up, Lieutenant (Res.) Kiuttu says.

Mikko Kiuttu lives in the Oulu region and completed his conscript training part of the liability for military service in the Lapland Air Command in 2007-2008.

Reservist receiving exercise equipment transported by train at Rovajärvi, Northern Finland.

Led by the Army Academy, LIST22 will be held at Rovajärvi, Northern Finland, on 16 – 27 May 2022. Follow the exercise online at and on social media with #LIST22.

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