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Utti Jaeger Regiment’s winter-condition TREX in Lapland

Utti Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 17.2.2023 15.14
Press release

The Utti Jaeger Regiment will arrange a training exercise in winter conditions in Lapland during 20 February – 17 March 2023. Flight activity of the Finnish Defence Forces’ helicopters will be conducted in conjunction with the exercise.

The objective of the exercise is to improve the personnel’s capability in operating in Lapland’s cold and snowy conditions. Additionally, the exercise will develop interoperable operating in cooperation with international partners.

The Finnish training audience force will include service personnel, conscripts, and reservists, altogether up to c. 660 personnel. The team-level training of the exercise will be participated by international cooperation partners.

TREX activity will take place at all hours. Soldiers will bivouac in the terrain in small teams and mainly be on the move on skis and by snow carriers. Some of the exercise drill missions will involve using blank drill ammunition. 

Flight activity of the Finnish Defence Forces’ NH90 transport and MD500 light utility helicopters will be part of the exercise. Helicopter flight activity may cause occasional noise disturbance.

The Finnish Defence Forces has made an administrative decision relating to the exercise concerning the temporary utilisation of defined areas on land and water for the purposes of the FDF’s military TREX activity. Reindeer Herders have been informed of the exercise via the Reindeer Herders’ Association.

TREX activity will take place in the region of Lapland, north of the municipality of Rovaniemi.

As applicable, feedback concerning Utti Jaeger Regiment’s TREX activity can be submitted by phone or by email: