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Conscripts displayed high motivation and know-how - KVARN17 exercise has ended

Guard Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 10.6.2017 17.44
Press release
A group photo of the soldiers that participated in the exercise

The KVARN17 exercise was a unique culmination to military service.

- The conscripts' level of know-how was known and we went in with high expectations, says exercise commander Lieutenant Colonel Niko Hölttä.

During the past three weeks, the Uusimaa Jaeger Battalion's conscripts have spent 17 days on manoeuvre. Leaders who have served for 365 days and rank and file who have served for 165 days will muster out on Thursday 15 June.

- Our conscripts surpassed expectations and the Urban Jaeger Company will be an excellent unit. For the conscripts this has been a unique experience and individual conscripts have participated with an exceptionally positive attitude, Lieutenant Colonel Hölttä continues.

An aim of the KVARN17 exercise has also been to further develop the know-how of staff. Ten soldiers belonging to the regular personnel of the Army Academy also took part in the exercise.

- It was really worth bringing the entire Urban Jaeger Company to these especially good conditions, and developing the special know-how of our staff is also very important. The feedback system will give our instructors a lot of new ideas, Lieutenant Colonel Hölttä concludes.

KVARN17 offered the Guard Jaeger Regiment the possibility to use of the Swedish Army's excellent urban warfare training environment within the framework of the bilateral (FISE) cooperation between the Finnish and Swedish armies.

Photos of the exercise on the Army’s Facebook page.