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The Finnish Army

Follow the military oath and affirmation giving ceremonies of the recruits in the Pori Brigade online!

Due to the exceptional arrangements relating to conscript training, the July 2020 contingent of the Finnish Defence Forces will have their military oath and affirmation giving ceremonies organised without audience in the Pori Brigade.

Streamed live on this website, the events can be followed from Niinisalo on Thursday 13 August, and from Säkylä on Friday 14 August. The schedule of the live broadcast will be as follows: 

  • at 10:00 Military affirmation giving
  • at 11:00 Military oath review of troops and military oath ceremony followed by a pass in review

While following the livestream, it is recommendable to start the livestream already 5 minutes in advance.

Niinisalo Thursday 13 August

Säkylä Friday 14 August