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1555 women applied to voluntary military service

Publication date 23.1.2024 12.40
Press release
Kaksi sotilasasuista naista puhuvat keskenään ulkona

The application period for women’s voluntary military service closed on 15th of January. The number of applicants was the third highest in the history of the Finnish Defense Forces.

For almost thirty years now, competent women have been trained for the reserve of the Finnish Defense Forces. They are an important asset for Finland’s defense. Over the years, more than 13 000 women have completed the voluntary military service in the Defense Forces and Border Guard.

Counting this year's results, the number of women who have applied for voluntary military service has already exceeded the 1,500 applicant-mark four times. The number of applications increased by c. 300 from the previous year.

Selection events will be held in April

Based on their applications, women who have applied to service will be invited to a selection event organised by their Regional Office. Apart from providing information about conscript service and liability for military service, the selection event involves interviewing the applicants and having their health examined. At the event, applicants have an opportunity to express their wishes involving training and service. 

Pilot combining women’s voluntary military service selection events and men’s call-ups this fall

The Regional Offices of Uusimaa, Häme and Lapland will pilot combining women’s voluntary military service selection events and men’s call-ups in the fall. In practice, this means that in the spring 2024, specific selection events will not be organized for women applying to voluntary military service in the regions of Uusimaa, Häme and Lapland. Instead, women’s selection events will be held, in your home municipality, in conjunction with men’s call-ups between 15 August - 15 December 2024.

Women may perform military service in any of the Defence Forces’ brigade-level units and be assigned to any service task. You can get prepared for the selection event by thinking about your preferences concerning service and getting familiar with different service tasks at the Defence Forces website.  

Additional information about women’s voluntary military service: Voluntary military service for women -