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Application date to voluntary military service for women has been advanced - apply no later than 15 January!

Publication date 8.12.2022 12.48
Press release
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The start of the annual application round to women’s voluntary military service has been advanced. This change is due to a new Act on women’s voluntary military service which entered into force in June. As a consequence, applications must be submitted as early as 15 January at the latest.

Women’s interest in voluntary military service has been on the increase over the past years. More than one thousand women apply to service every year. With age groups getting smaller, the role of voluntary women performing military service becomes more and more important from the perspective of our defence capability. 

A will to defend our country motivates to apply

The reasons for performing military service are increasingly values and a willingness to be involved in national defence. 

– A will to defend our country and desire to do one’s share in protecting our society are common reasons for applying to service. Gaining knowledge and skills in military service which you can also use in your studies or working life is another consideration that counts, and so is the opportunity to participate in leadership training, says Major Salla Riikonen from the Army Command.  

Women may perform their military service in any of the Defence Forces’ brigade-level units and tasks. In principle, women who apply to military service are highly motivated. 

– Women enter service highly motivated and perform extremely well in their tasks, Riikonen adds. 

In addition to gaining valuable experience and skills, military service makes it possible for you to pursue a military career and apply for crisis management duties. The skills gained in military service are maintained in refresher training exercises and, for example, voluntary national defence activities. 

Applications must be submitted no later than 15 January

An Act on women’s voluntary military service entered into force in June 2022 affecting the application timetable. Earlier, the application round closed in early March, but from now on, the deadline for applications will be as early as 15 January at the latest.  Due to this change, women’s selection events can be arranged at the same time with call-ups. What is more, the health examinations related to selections can be synchonized with those of men. Shared call-up events for both men and women will be piloted during the year 2024.

In addition to changing the application time, the Act has also affected the time it is possible to drop out of military service bringing it down from 45 days to 30 days. Having completed 30 days of military service, women, just like men, belong to the reserve and are subject to the Conscription Act until the end of the year in which they turn 60 years of age. 

Women may apply to service via the Defence Forces’ e-service.  

This is how to apply to military service: 

1. Fill in the Preliminary questionnaire for examination of health and print it out. 

Log in the Finnish Defence Forces e-service and fill in the Preliminary questionnaire for examination of health. Print out the questionnaire and book a medical examination for an assessment of your fitness for military service. 

2. Go to the medical examination

Bring the printout of the Questionnaire for examination of health to the medical examination. At the examination, you will receive a medical certificate that you will need to attach to your application. You can ask the Defence Forces for reimbursement of your medical examination costs. Remember to ask for a receipt or another payment document from the healthcare centre! For example, you can take the medical examination at the healthcare service of your educational establishment, your municipal healthcare centre or a private consultation. 

3. Fill in your application to voluntary military service for women 

Once you have received your medical certificate, log in the Finnish Defence Forces e-service and fill in an application to voluntary military service for women. Attach the medical certificate and the receipts for reimbursement to your application. In some cases, the physician who conducted the examination may also send the medical certificate to the regional office. 

4. Submit your application no later than 15 January

You apply to special operations forces by a separate application. Check the application instructions here.

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