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Army to participate in the Swedish Army’s anniversary parade

Publication date 24.5.2023 10.58
Press release

The 500th anniversary parade of the Swedish Army will be held in Stockholm on Saturday 27 May.

The Swedish Army will celebrate its 500th anniversary this year. Among the events marking the anniversary year will be the military parade to be held in Stockholm on 27 May that will be participated by the Finnish Army led by Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Pasi Välimäki. 

The Army will assign to the parade colour guard detachments composed of service personnel from the Pori Brigade, Karelia Brigade, Kainuu Brigade, and Guard Jaeger Regiment.

- It is a pleasure and honour to participate in the 500th anniversary parade of our best partner, the Swedish Army. We are united now and in the future by centuries-long military traditions, strong mutual trust and competence generated through doing together, as well as the willingness to secure peace in the North, Lieutenant General Välimäki says.

Alongside the parade, congratulations for the 500-year-old Swedish Army will be received in Sweden in May-June. The Finnish Army will convey its congratulations to commemorate the anniversary by a document to be signed by Commanders of the parade-attending brigade-level units that will be handed over to Commander of the Swedish Army, Major General Karl L.E. Engelbrektson, at a reception to be held on 17 June.