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Battle of the Naarmankaira domination

Jaeger Brigade
Publication date 25.5.2024 18.50
News item
Olosuhdekoulutusta yhdysvaltalaisjoukoille CET/FIT vaiheessa.

The brigade-level, multinational Task Force Arctic Storm (TF Arctic Storm) has been preparing for its upcoming offensive mission around Sodankylä during the Combat Enhancement Training/Force Integration Training (CET/FIT) phase.

The brigade task force is led by a Finnish commander and staff, and its combat power is formed by Finnish, American, and Norwegian troops.
The Commander of TF Arctic Storm and the Battalion Commander of 2-30 planning the upcoming operation.

The task force is equipped with a diverse arsenal, ranging from long-range artillery systems to battle tanks, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, and various infantry weapons. The unit also has versatile sensor equipment and air reconnaissance capabilities.

Notably for the Finnish forces, a significant airlift capability will be utilized right from the start of the battle.

TF Arctic Storm ROC DRILL ie. Rehearsal of Concept ensures that especially leaders of different levels have understood the role in the operation entity.

The Commander of Porsanger Battalion introducing his troop`s action as a part of operation.

TF Arctic Storm represents REDFOR in the Northern Forest 24 exercise and will do everything to ensure that when the smoke clears, Naarmankaira will be under its control. As the commander said, "We will be Simple, Fast, and Nasty."

Deputy Commander of the Jaeger Brigade
Colonel Ari Mure

Kaira is an old dialect word from Lapland, meaning a wilderness area between two bodies of water. Naarmankaira practically covers the entire Rovajärvi training area, although the map name is misleadingly printed over Yli-Naarmaselkä, and many consider that hill to be Naarmankaira.