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Call-ups begin – persons liable for military service: how to get prepared

Publication date 12.8.2021 13.52
Press release
Asevelvollisia kutsuntatilaisuudessa

From 16 August to 15 December 2021, the Defence Forces’ regional offices will organise call-ups as specified in the Conscription Act. During the autumn, 490 call-up events in total will be held at 240 locations. The call-ups will be arranged taking the Covid-19 situation into account.

This year, male citizens born in 2003 will be summoned to call-ups. Persons from previous call-ups ordered to be re-examined and those who have failed to attend their call-up without a legal impediment are also obligated to participate in call-ups. This year, the total number of persons liable for attending call-ups is 35 700. A person liable for military service must attend the call-up in person unless exempted from the call-up participation obligation by his regional office. 

Decisions concerning service are made at the call-up

The purpose of the call-up is to ascertain the fitness for military service of persons liable for military service and, based on this, make decisions concerning their service. The call-up also involves distributing information about national defence liability and promoting public health. 

Call-ups are important to the Defence Forces, because they mark an opportunity for the Defence Forces to meet the young people liable for military service in person and reach the entire male age group. Call-ups also provide an opportunity for the Defence Forces to keep contact with the municipalities and local authorities with a view of developing comprehensive security and cooperation between authorities.  

At a call-up event, young people are invited to express their wishes to the call-up board concerning their military service. By voicing your wishes regarding your service at the call-up, you will have a good chance of landing a service task of your liking.   

How to get prepared for the call-up day

Check the date and location of your call-up in the call-up announcement on the Defence Forces website concerning your area. In case you already know that you will not be able to attend the call-up on the date specified, contact your regional office immediately for a new date. 

Arrive in time and be prepared for the event to take the entire day. You will need take your identification and necessary medical and studying certificates with you.   

The best way to get prepared for your call-up is to seek information about different service tasks and think about your service preferences. By being prepared to ask for your preferred service task or location at the call-up, you will have a better chance of being assigned a service task you will appreciate.

Covid-19 continues to affect arrangements 

The Defence Forces strives to ensure that the call-up day will be as safe as possible for the call-up candidates. The arrangements involving Covid-19 proven good at last autumn’s call-ups will also be implemented this year. For example, the number of call-up events has been increased and the day has been divided into two. If necessary, the programme will be shortened, the seating will be arranged leaving seats apart, and the arrival of call-up candidates sequenced. In the call-up morning, the arrival of the call-up candidates may be sequenced. No separate notice regarding this will be sent prior to the event. By taking these measures, we strive to take care that the sections remain as small as possible and the contacts with other call-up candidates as short as possible. As necessary, face masks will be distributed at the call-up locations. 

Future conscript – observe the following precautions at the call-up:  

  • If you feel clearly ill, notify your regional office and agree on how to fulfil your call-up obligation
  • As soon as you arrive, wash your hands carefully and observe good hand hygiene during the entire event
  • Keep a safe distance to other people.

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