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Commanders visited the exercise Northern Forest 23

Publication date 31.5.2023 11.33
Press release

Commanders of the Finnish Army and Swedish Army as well as Commanding General of the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division inspected the exercise Northern Forest 23 at Rovajärvi.

Commanding General of the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division, Major General Gregory Anderson, and Commander of the Swedish Army, Major General Karl L.E. Engelbrektson, visited the exercise Northern Forest 23 at Rovajärvi. The visit was hosted by Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Pasi Välimäki.

The Generals inspected Northern Forest 23 that exercises execution of combined arms operations with the allies and Sweden. Participated by up to 8,000 soldiers, of whom c. 1,100 are from the U.S.A., the U.K., Sweden, and Norway, Northern Forest 23 forms part of the Army’s international training exercise entity for the spring, the objective of which is to enhance interoperability at command levels.

- This field exercise allows us to test and improve our capabilities and interoperability, we learn from each other, and are able to identify areas in which we must work harder. This exercise in demanding conditions and terrain, and the whole training exercise entity of the Finnish Army for the spring, have demonstrated that we have taken steps forward, but there remains work to be done, Lieutenant General Pasi Välimäki says.

Also the visitors were content with what they saw.

- Northern Forest 23 is one exercise of many that we do with our closest partner, the Finnish Army. Together we strive to be better, stronger and more interoperable, says Major General Engelbrektson.

- Northern Forest, and exercises like these, build teams with common direction.  The 10th Mountain Division Soldiers gain so much experience up here in the Arctic Circle, says Major General Anderson.

- They learn to operate in harsh environments and how to integrate into a multinational fight; allowing us to toughen Soldiers and develop leaders to think critically.  It’s fantastic to be in Finland, because every time we train here it’s great for our Mountain Soldiers.