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Field training exercise Sapeli 23 in Western Uusimaa and Satakunta

Armoured BrigadeArmy AcademyC5 DivisionFinnish Defence Forces Logistics CommandGuard Jaeger RegimentNyland BrigadePori Brigade
Publication date 16.11.2023 15.01
Press release

Almost 3300 persons comprising conscripts, reservists and Defence Forces service personnel will participate in this military exercise stretching from Helsinki to Niinisalo in Kankaanpää in late November- early December. Troops from the Army, Navy, Defence Forces Logistics Command and the Finnish Defence Forces C5 Agency subordinate to the Defence Command will take part in the exercise.

Exercise Sapeli 23 led by the Guard Jaeger Regiment will be the closing exercise for the conscript leaders of the January contingent as well as July contingent conscripts trained for rank and file tasks.

The total strength of the exercise will be around 3 300 soldiers, including 2 000 conscripts. The number of reservists will be approximately 750 in total. In addition to the Guard Jaeger Regiment, troops from the Armoured Brigade, Pori Brigade, Army Academy, Uusimaa Brigade, Defence Forces Logistics Command and the FDF C5 Agency will participate in the exercise.

Sapeli 23 will be commanded by the Commander of the Guard Jaeger Regiment, Colonel Matti Honko.

The main objective of the exercise is to enhance the participating troops’ readiness and performance in offensive and defensive combat. Focus will be on the rapid execution capability of the battalion and cooperation between the branches.

Held annually as the closing exercise, Sapeli is a demanding exercise entity for both service personnel and conscripts mustering out in mid - December. Exercising in an extensive area allows having the units conduct training in situations that enable the troops to apply their competence and skills.

In addition to training in the Finnish Defence Forces’ field exercise and shooting areas, the units will also operate on public and private land. The troops will train in Helsinki, Tammisaari, Hanko, Sastamala, Ikaalinen, Jämijärvi, Kankaanpää and Karvia.  A particularly great number of exercises will be held in Niinisalo, Kankaanpää, at the Defence Forces’ training areas.  The operational phase of the exercise will take place from 26 November to 1 December 2023, but mobilizing units will start on 23 November.

The troops will be wearing a fighting load, including assault rifles. Dummy drill ammunition will be used daily, which may cause noise in the immediate vicinity of the training locations. There will be around 600 vehicles involved in the exercise, including armoured Pasi personnel carriers.

Additional information on the exercise: Public Information Officer Meri Leppänen +358 (0) 299 421 235.

You can follow the exercise on social media with #sapeli23.