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Nordic Inspectors of Engineers in a meeting at the Military Engineer School

Army Academy
Publication date 22.9.2021 14.02 | Published in English on 22.9.2021 at 15.35
Soldiers from Nordic countries in the photo at Military Engineer School.

In the Army Academy, this week involves increased international activity in that the annual meeting of Nordic Inspectors of Engineers started on Tuesday 21 September 2021. This meeting convenes Inspectors of Engineers and their advisers to Lappeenranta from altogether four Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, this year’s host nation.

The meeting is led by Inspector of Engineers, Colonel Juha Helle from the Army Command Finland (in the photo third from left).

Apart from convening the meeting, the Military Engineer School also familiarises the attendants with its training, and allows colleagues to take benefit from experiences on student and instructor exchange conducted between Sweden and Finland.

At annual meetings, the participating nations’ representatives discuss the current situation of the service branch, its prospects for development, as well as exchange information relating to, among others, materiel procurement.

The annual meeting of Inspectors of Engineers was postponed from last year to this September due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Commandant of the Army Academy, Colonel Kari Pietiläinen presented the Army Academy to Inspectors of Engineers (in the photo). The Military Engineer School is part of the Army Academy.