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Pori Brigade Trains in Local Defence in Southwest Finland

Pori Brigade
Publication date 23.8.2022 13.37 | Published in English on 26.8.2022 at 14.27
Press release
varusmiehiä selkä kameraan päin, taustalla poliisiauto

Local defence exercise Naantali-Raisio 22 is led by the Pori Brigade and it will gather approximately 1,200 persons to train together in the Naantali and Raisio area 4-9 September 2022. In addition to Pori Brigade, authorities, businesses and actors from the region will be participating in the exercise, as well as the towns of Naantali and Raisio.

The exercise will begin with a live-firing phase in Huovinrinne, Säkylä on 2 September 2022. In addition to Pori Brigade, troops from the Navy Command, Coastal Fleet, Satakunta Air Command, Air Force Academy and 2nd Logistics Regiment will also be participating in the exercise. The reservists of the Southwest Finland region are the largest single group of participants in the exercise, they number approximately 550. There will be approximately 450 conscripts taking part in the exercise and 200 Defence Forces regular personnel. One of the objectives of the exercise is to train personnel, conscripts and reservists to work in local defence tasks, such as infrastructure protection, territorial surveillance and providing assistance to other authorities.

In addition to local defence, multi-agency cooperation is another central theme of the exercise. The exercise will improve the implementation of local defence together with other authorities, according to the local defence concept. The goal of the exercise is, for example, sharing and forming a common situation picture with different authorities. Participating in the exercise are Southwestern Finland Police Department, Southwest Finland Rescue Department, the Finnish Border Guard, the National Defence Training Association of Finland, the towns of Naantali and Raisio and public utilities owned by the towns or utilities that operate in the area.

The Exercise Director is the Deputy Commander of Pori Brigade, Colonel Riku Suikkanen.

Armed soldiers and military equipment participating in the exercise can be seen in Naantali and Raisio during the exercise. We will try to minimize inconvenience to the public, but the exercise may cause occasional traffic delays and noise. The noise hazard area involved will be cordoned off when blank ammunition is used.

Local security across Finland

Exercise Naantali-Raisio 22 is one of the six Army-led local defence exercises that are held twice a year all around Finland.

You can follow the exercise on the Army and Pori Brigade social media channels under: #naantaliraisio22, #paikallispuolustus and #porpr. @maavoimat @Maavoimat @PorinPR