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The Finnish Defence Forces supports the Finnish Border Guard in securing the situation at the border

Publication date 20.11.2023 18.22
Press release

The Finnish Defence Forces supports the Border Guard in securing the border situation by establishing executive assistance detachments to assist personnel in the construction of public order barriers. In addition, the Finnish Defence Forces provide material support. The task of the executive assistance departments began on Sunday 19 November 2023. The detachments consist of personnel and conscripts from the Army's brigade-level units.

One of the statutory tasks of the Defence Forces is executive assistance. The Army is responsible for executive assistance on land. The Army carries out an average of 400–500 executive assistance missions per year. Typical executive assistance assignments are clearing wartime ammunition, isolating areas and searching for persons.

Executive assistance to other authorities includes, for example assistance in maintaining public order and security, preventing and disrupting terrorist offences and otherwise safeguarding society. According to the law on conscription, conscripts are not utilized in executive assistance tasks involving the apprehension of dangerous individuals, clearance of explosives, tasks requiring the use of armed force, or other similar hazardous assignments.