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Urban jaegers to exercise in Tuusula and Lohja

Guard Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 14.10.2022 10.16
Press release
sotilas tähtää aseella miehistönkuljetusvaunun katolta

On 17.–21.10.2022, the Guard Jaeger Regiment’s 1. Jaeger Company and Headquarters and Signals Company as well as the non-commissioned officer course signals programme will be exercising in the region of Uusimaa. The exercise drills will be arranged mainly at garrisons’ training exercise areas. Additionally, exercising will take place in Tuusula on 18.10. and in Lohja on 20.10.

During the week 42, urban jaegers who began their service in the contingent of July 2022 will participate in the FTX of their specialty training phase. The objective is that the training audience troops learn the training- branch-specific TTPs for operating on missions at section and platoon level. Depending on the given training branch, the lessons to be learned will include, among others, basics of offensive combat, establishing company command lines of communication, as well as force protection measures in built-up areas and in the field. 

On Tuesday 18.10. urban jaegers will exercise in Pirunkorpi, Tuusula, at 09–20. The exercise will involve no use of drill ammunition and result in no particular noise. 

On Thursday 20.10. the exercise drill will continue in Paloniemi, Lohja, at 08–22. In Lohja the exercising will involve using dummy drill ammunition that will not cause any danger or harm to outsiders.

The troops will be on the move in battle dress uniforms, and their fighting load will include assault rifles. The instructors will be wearing high-visibility vests. The training audience troops will move to exercise areas by civilian and FDF vehicles, including Pasi armoured personnel carriers.

Altogether, the exercise will be participated by up to c. 360 conscripts and 40 service personnel in total.