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Utti Jaeger Regiment’s international training and exercise cooperation to continue

Utti Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 27.10.2022 12.00
Press release

Utti Jaeger Regiment’s training and exercise cooperation with the US special operations forces will continue as of 30 October 2022.

The US SOF troops will participate in Utti Jaeger Regiment’s national training and exercise activity to be conducted in southern and northern Finland. The TREX cooperation will continue until the end of January 2023 including the necessary phases for maintenance, servicing and efficiency restoring. 

The objective of the team level training event is to develop the Finnish SOF capability and to improve the ability for interoperable operating with international partners. 

Part of the TREX drills will involve helicopter flight activity as well as use of dummy drill ammunition and light explosives that may cause temporary noise in the vicinity of the exercising areas.

The MOD issued a release on the continuation of the Finnish Defence Forces’ training and exercise activity with partner nations in October.

As applicable, feedback concerning Utti Jaeger Regiment’s training and exercise activity can be submitted by phone or by utilising the digital feedback form available online at: