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Finnish Army’s Spearhead Capabilities in 2020

In 2020, the Finnish Army is mobile, striking, combat resilient and networked.

The Finnish Army responds to the changes in the operational environment by means of up-to-date and effective capabilities, the majority of which will still be in operational use in the 2030s. These capabilities are formed of the forces and weapons systems of all service branches. The most decisive forces of the Army are capable of sustained non-supported and long-term combat in all lighting and weather conditions within the entire territory of the nation. This high level capability is enabled by the knowledgeable and motivated personnel, up-to-date and ready-to-use materiel, and situation-specific Rules of Engament as well as seamless inter-branch cooperation. This is supplemented by the immediate support available from other services and partners. Common Operational Picture is formed by means of sensors emplaced on the ground, at sea and in the air together with a digital and networked command and control system that caters for sustained joint situation picture and C3.

General support fires precision targeting will be initiated long-range with the artillery and rocket launcher systems as well as air-to-ground capability. Direct support fires continue by concentrated utilisation of artillery, mortars and air-to-ground capability, armoured vehicles, infantry, and mine fields. The most significant enemy targets are neutralized jointly with the capabilities of the Navy and Air Force as well as the joint capabilities of the Defence Forces.

Force protection against the joint effects of enemy fires rests on applying armour, counter measure systems and fortification as well as by means of force mobility, deception and using situation-specific forms of troop deployment such as dispersed decentralized deployment.

The joint operating capability in inter-authority cooperation and with international partners draws from exchanging situation data, undertaking joint materiel acquisition procurement, and sustaining a routine for continuing training exercises.