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Utti Jaeger Regiment’s main exercise for the spring to develop international joint operating ability

Utti Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 2.5.2023 15.43
Press release

The Utti Jaeger Regiment will command the exercise Southern Griffin 23 in Southern Finland during 10 – 21 May 2023. The total strength of the exercise will be up to c. 1,150 personnel. 

The exercise will be participated by the Finnish Defence Forces’ personnel, representatives of agencies’ units, as well as international partners from the U.S.A. and Europe. 

The exercise’s aim is to develop further the joint operating ability and interoperability of the Finnish Defence Forces’ special forces and of the special forces’ aviation together with other agencies’ units and international partners.

The training audience forces’ activity will be visible across Southern Finland on land, at sea, and in the skies.

From the Utti Jaeger Regiment the exercise will be participated by NH90 transport helicopters and MD500 light helicopters. Additionally, the exercise will involve at its varying phases flight activity of France’s Tiger, Caracal, Gazelle, and Cougar helicopters, as well as U.S. U-28A Draco intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft. U.S. MC-130J Commando II aircraft will be transporting cargo and personnel in support of the exercise. Alongside Finland the U.S. will assign vessel equipment to the exercise.

In particular the exercise’s flight activity and drill ammunition used for training purposes may cause noise disturbance across the training exercise area. 

As applicable, feedback concerning the Utti Jaeger Regiment’s TREX activity can be submitted primarily by utilising the digital feedback form available at: