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Guard Jaeger Regiment to exercise in cooperation with a US Company

Guard Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 17.6.2022 13.10
Press release

In the Guard Jaeger Regiment, the Army complementary international exercise and training activity will start on 20 June 2022. A training audience force involving a US Light infantry Company with the strength of circa 100 troops will arrive at Santahamina to exercise with the Readiness Unit and 2. Military Police Company. The exercise and training activity cooperation will be participated by both conscripts and service personnel.

The objective of the activity is to test and develop force competences and to deepen international interoperability and connectivity. The first training audience to arrive will be a US Company with whom the Regiment will exercise at drill areas located both in Santahamina and outside the island. The activity will be coordinated with the implementation of conscript training.

The exercise and training activity will be commanded by Commander of the Guard Jaeger Regiment, Colonel Asko Kopra.