Call-ups for nearly 35,000 youth

Army 8.8.2017 8.45
Press release
Call-ups for nearly 35,000 youth

Call-ups in accordance with the Conscription Act begin Tuesday 15 August. This year, call-ups will involve more than 34,000 youth.

The Finnish Defence Forces will start call-ups in accordance with the Conscription Act on Tuesday 15 August. The autumn 2017 call-ups concern mainly the age group born in 1999. Altogether 477 separate call-up events will be arranged. Call-up events will be arranged all over Finland, in 250 different localities. The 2017 call-ups will end on Friday 15 December.

All male Finnish citizens who turn 18 years of age this year are liable to attend call-ups. 19-29-year-olds, who have not yet fulfilled their call-up duty or who have been ordered to be re-evaluated in that year’s call-up, are also liable to attend call-ups this year.

The Finnish Army’s 12 regional offices arrange their call-up events according to their own call-up notices. The regional offices’ call-up notices are available on the Defence Forces’ website at

At the call-ups, each conscript’s fitness for service is ascertained and decisions concerning service are made.

Conscripts can begin their military service in either the January or July contingent in the three years following the call-up (in 2018, 2019 and 2020).

The length of service and assignment that a conscript is trained for is decided after entry into service in the brigade-level units - not at the call-up.

Military service can be carried out also in the special operations forces or special branches. Service in the special forces or branches is not assigned at the call-ups. Conscripts must apply to these themselves. Further information on applying, requirements and admissions tests is available at the call-ups and on the Defence Forces’ website at

Persons liable for call-up may express their own wishes concerning their service, which will be taken into consideration where possible.

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