Open Nordic Military Pentathlon Championship in Finland

Guard Jaeger Regiment 7.6.2019 11.55 | Published in English on 7.6.2019 at 12.02
Press release

The Guard Jaeger Regiment will organise the 58th Open Nordic Military Pentathlon Championships in Helsinki 24-28 June 2019.

Competitors from 13 countries, or appr. 120 persons in total including the teams’ service personnel, will take part in the event. A military pentathlon includes the following disciplines: shooting, obstacle run, obstacle swimming, grenade throwing and cross-country running.

You can follow the competition on the Guard Jaeger Regiment’s social media channels with #onmpc2019.

Countries which have registered for the competition
Finland (FIN), Sweden (SWE), Norway (NOR), Denmark (DEN), Netherlands (NED), Austria (AUT), Germany (GER), Lithuania (LTU), Latvia (LAT), Czech Republic (CZE), Poland (POL), Estonia (EST) and Italy (ITA).

Results During the competition
The results of the (Open) Nordic Military Pentathlon Championship 2019, (ONMPC2019) and those of the Nordic Military Pentathlon Championships will be followed in parallel. The results for each discipline will be made available on this site as real time as possible.

Competition Programme

Monday 24 June

Opening Ceremony

Tuesday 25 June

Obstacle run

Wednesday 26 June

Obstacle swimming
Grenade throwing

Thursday 27 June

Cross-country running
Afternoon in Helsinki
Medal Ceremony and Closing Ceremony