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Artillery School’s live fire exercise to start at Pohjankangas

Army Academy
Publication date 12.10.2022 10.42
Press release
soldiers fireing cannons
Apicture from the spring 2022 exercise

The Army Academy will arrange the Artillery School’s live fire exercise 2/22 in Niinisalo at the Pohjankangas range area on 17–21 October 2022. The exercise will be participated by international training audience partners from the US and from the UK.

Involving up to c. 1,400 personnel in total, the live fire exercise will be participated by service personnel, reservists, and conscripts. The Army training audience units will be from the Artillery School, Pori Brigade, and Armoured Brigade, whereas the Navy training units will be from the Nylands Brigade. Altogether c. 100 training audience troops from the USA and c. 35 troops from the UK will also participate in the exercise. The exercise will be commanded by Commandant of the Artillery School, Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Votshenko.

The exercise will develop the Army’s use of fires as part of company-level combat and involve exercising interoperable operating in cooperation with international partners.

The exercise will involve live ammunition fires by artillery guns, mortar systems, and light arms. The danger area zone will be the entire Pohjankangas range area. The exercise’s firing schedules will be as follows:

On Monday 17.10. at 12:00–21:00
From Tuesday to Thursday 18.10.–20.10. at 08:00–22:00
On Friday 21.10. at 08:00–16:00

The training audience troops will arrive in Niinisalo mainly on Monday 17.10. The returning marching detachments will be on the move on Thursday 20.10. and on Friday 21.10. during the afternoon hours. The exercise will be attended by c. 350 vehicles. Occasional traffic congestion may result from columns of vehicles moving on routes as specified: 

On Monday 17.10. 
Parolannummi – Main Road VT3 – Ikaalinen – Niinisalo
Säkylä – Huittinen – Kiikoinen – Niinisalo
Syndalen – Salo – Aura – Huittinen – Kiikoinen – Niinisalo

On Thursday 20.10. 
Niinisalo – Kiikoinen – Huittinen – Aura – Salo – Dragsvik

On Friday 21.10. 
Niinisalo – Ikaalinen – Main Road VT3 – Parolannummi 
Niinisalo – Kiikoinen – Huittinen – Säkylä.
The Artillery School’s live fire exercise is arranged twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn.